Just One Touch

Just One Touch

1 chapter / 950 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Mirabelle Morte has been on Delos, a small, rocky island in the middle of the ocean, for...she couldn't even keep track for how long.
It seems like she'll be on that island, banished there, for...well, forever. It seems like she'll never get off, never speak to another human again.

Until Aphrodite shows up (a sour expression on her face, of course) announcing something Mirabelle never expected.

A hero. A hero was coming with a quest, and the results of this quest was the difference between eternal isolation and resuming her normal life again.

A hero that could easily be corrupted...with...Just. One. Touch.


Writing, Romance, Fantasy



over 5 years ago Karly Fitch said:

This is so good! I absolutely love this kind of writing... great job!


over 5 years ago MeiXiangMika said:

Really cool its really good !


over 5 years ago Ashlyn said:

this is amazing!! i love it!! =D great job!!! 1,000,000 hearts!!!! if i could heart it more than once i would!!!

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over 5 years ago Daisy Dardon said:

okay to be honest with you I wasn't even going to read it lol I was just gonna heart it but then I read the first few sentences and it immediately captured my attention because I love Greek mythology and it so happens that I love Hades for some weird reason. Anyways I'm glad I read this :) It was good :) Well done.



over 5 years ago Janae Elizabeth said:

*For the Swap* I'm a sucker for mythology inspired stories especially when they're so well done. I like how you started the story off with her name. From what I can tell so far it sort of incorporates the whole story. I hope you continue it because it has some awesome potential. Good luck!


over 5 years ago Amanda Cisneros said:

Part Two: Okay so I finished reading it, and you know what this sounds an awful lot like? The part in the fourth book of Percy Jackson when he ends up stranded in Calypso's island, but it has the whole curse thing. Oh and, is this a multi-chaptered story? I hope you keep writing though, it should get interesting. Sorry if I sounded mean, Amanda