The Voice that Kept the Song ©

The Voice that Kept the Song ©

1 chapter / 213 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


copyright © 2012 ************************************************ The Beast has risen and taken control of the world. Darkness has taken over everything...or so it seems...



over 1 year ago Alexandr Lukin said:

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almost 5 years ago Kirby K said:

Wow that was really good! It tells such a story!



over 5 years ago Leah Johnson said:

This is quite interesting. I'm not really a poetry person, but this was transparent, unlike some poetry I've read. You had some beautiful metaphors; I noticed you seem to compare hope to water, was that intentional? I think I'd like to hear a few more details about the mystical voice, though. Is this a literal voice, as in one person is still hopeful, or is it a more symbolic voice perhaps representing faith? Details in general would probably be welcome. --L P.S. I love this title. It has great rhythm.


over 5 years ago Carrie S Faber said:

This is really great! It flows really nicely and is a very interesting poem/story. I love it! Nice work.