The Love Poems of a Teenage Outcast

The Love Poems of a Teenage Outcast

13 chapters / 1400 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


These are all by me, except for number five, which is by my friend Kali. She doesn't have a lot of followers or likes, but I love her writing, and I wanted to add it to this collection. If you like it, go check out her other stuff at


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over 5 years ago Emily Drew said:

I read all of them, and I loved them. The word choice is phemonial, and the imagery is great. I love the emotion in all of the poems. Great work. :)


over 5 years ago Nicole Enyart said:

I read all of them, and I like how they are different but you can easily see the connection between them. I also like how they progress to new and deaper feelings. I can relate. I've been tossed aside by guys, thankfully it was short relationships and I didn't get too emotionally attached.


over 5 years ago Christy Aleckson said:

These poems are so beautiful. I especially like the second one. Your imagery is very unique and interesting. I love how you use metaphors. Great job and keep on writing!


over 5 years ago Kali said:

Aw! Thanks for putting my poem in here, BB!



over 5 years ago Isaiah Sanderman said:

I read the first four, and I just have to say that I loved the line "salesman of things I've never known". Best live you've got.

The best advice I can give you is to cut down on the elaborate imagery. It seems fluffy, it's hard to tell the meaning, and it can be melodramatic (sometimes). Your better lines were the simpler ones.

One thing you do well is you leave the reader with an emotion. Even if I didn't entirely understand a poem, I was still left with something to chew on. And your endings are pretty good too.

Keep it up!


over 5 years ago Hannah Beito said:

Shit woman. You are really, really, REALLY f-king talented. I was absolutely blown away. I guess because it is hard to find real artists on sites where girls come to find social acceptance more frequently than share truth or substance. But your collection of poems is beautifully haunting. You let words fall and tumble without format or faculty. I can experience the raw emotion through your words, and the ability to portray experience so clearly, even through metaphor, is a real talent. GREAT job. I'm a fan. :)