Liquid Confidence

Liquid Confidence

2 chapters / 746 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


*Most likely going to continue after contest!*
Fay Gregory wasn't one to drink, but when her best friend, Tesa, makes her drink at a party, Fay wakes up in the most unexpected place--her crush's bed.

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over 5 years ago Sam S. said:

Earlie access code please!


over 5 years ago Kira Cullen said:

really good you should write more


over 5 years ago Lizzie Rose said:

Nice job! But in the second paragraph is " I hold in front of my lips," that how you wanted it to be? I think it is " I hold it in front of my lips" instead of i hold in front. Good job though!

Picture 4

over 5 years ago Macy Bishop said:

Bingo. The perfect reason why peer pressure is the worst thing in the world. Good story, but now I've got spine chills.



over 5 years ago Sammy said:

Good. Paragraph two is before not defore. I think you could lengthen it a little more. Other than that, congratulations. (I told ya'll facebook is evil!)


over 5 years ago Girl In Black said:

ahahaha. kinda funny. also sorta creepy. super awkward. I want moooore!! Needs more background (why did she have a crush on tommy?) and details (what things looked like, how things felt, her emotions, colors, textures, all that fun stuff that really makes the reader feel like they're there) and more of her thoughts (if i were her I'd be freaking out a little more, she seemed way too calm). so yea, I'm interested to see what happens if you decide to continue.