South West of Hell

South West of Hell

2 chapters / 422 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Sixteen-year-old Evelyn Martel lives for adventure. But what's the adventure in being late to school everyday? Not to mention how horrible she feels when ever she walks past her--not quite friend, but not even close to ex-best friend-- Jesse's house, who she used to be able tell everything. Right up until they went to high school. So when Evy finds something suspicious about a new garbage disposal company in town, it's no surprise that she would ask him to help. When he agrees, Evy sets out on a breathtaking adventure with Jesse and her two best friends, but never imagines the trouble they're up against. With everyone she loves being eliminated one by one, suddenly Evy finds her only options are to surrender at the cost of the world, or face the unknown.



over 3 years ago jordan m said:

good introduction and it was a little confusing but good


about 5 years ago Katie ZaBAM said:

Best story intro I've read in a long while. Please continue! (:


almost 6 years ago Livia Gretchen said:

This is such a great intro. You have to keep going!


about 6 years ago Mei Below said:

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait-- \Are you INSANE?/ Keep frikken writing!


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