A Gender Confusion

A Gender Confusion

2 chapters / 1719 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Comedy, Horror



about 5 years ago Marissa LaPorte said:

A very creative story. It really stands out. I liked it. Good work.

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over 5 years ago Stuck in a Cupcake said:

Interesting....... That is all there is to say. Good job.


over 5 years ago Emily<3 said:

Woah...that was ...I don't have any words to describe it, but different. I did enjoy reading it though! Your characters were hilarious and I think the singing parts were the best. I could just imagine the entire seen in my head:) I would really like to see that on stage...haha:D Good job~


over 5 years ago Jasmine q. Lee said:

you're really good at writing scripts and I love how you make something so gruesome into something hillarious. Good Job


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