Yes, No, Maybe

Yes, No, Maybe

1 chapter / 1005 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


For the "The From What I Remember" contest. Please read, HEART, and comment.


Becca's edit

over 3 years ago Sarah G said:

It was perfect.


over 3 years ago Harley Williamson said:

omg this was absolutely amazing!! literally brought tears to my eyes and i would really love to read more :')


over 5 years ago HannahCS said:

This is absolutelly amazing. Great Job


over 5 years ago Marissa Childers said:

amazing story, the emotion is fantastic and great description, you can picture it in your mind, love it



over 5 years ago georgie247 said:

Swap :) This was very interesting because of how she forgets and 'hits a wall'. The characters are well thought out and I liked Parker he was sweet (except for when he left Mary). I thought that this was really really good :) gee


over 5 years ago Danica said:

That was really sweet. :) I loved the story, especially the flashbacks. Nice descriptions, use of imagery, and emotions, especially the part when she describes herself as feeling unworthy of everything. And my favorite part was the ending! It made me smile. This was seriously so amazing and beautiful. You had some simple mistakes throughout the story(Letters that aren't capitalized, spelling errors, errors regarding periods and commas, etc). Also, for the very first part, "Block it out, block it out, don't think about it. Pain....Pain....FORGET IT! It never happened, never...." Instead of putting 'forget it' in uppercase letters, I would un-italicize them. And replace the exclamation mark with a period. Wonderful job! Good luck!