I'll Be Superhuman (One Direction)

I'll Be Superhuman (One Direction)

3 chapters / 2611 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


Lilliya didn't believe her life was worth living. She didn't think anyone cared the night her parents died, the night she was crying in the rain. But then someone saved her, let her know he cared, and was there for her when no one else was. And to find out that the boy who saved her was none other than Liam Payne.


Writing, Romance


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almost 5 years ago Alexis_xD said:

UPDATE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! :D ♡ ⓂⒺⓇⓇⓎ ⒸⒽⓇⒾⓈⓉⓂⒶⓈ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫♡

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almost 5 years ago Lola rivers said:

please write more would love to here about what happens to her next loved the story


about 5 years ago Julie Ackerson said:

Please write more!!!


over 5 years ago Get_Outta_My_Head said:

Post on my wall when you will update more chapters. It's a nice story. Plz read mines: "One Direction: A FanFiction" You'll love it bc it's about 1D too!!!


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over 5 years ago Alyce McKnight said:

To start, I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!! All right, so I liked this but it seemed a bit unrealistic and I wasn't sure where she was to begin with. However, I love your characters and I really enjoyed reading this and I want to know what happens next. =)

-Alyce McKnight

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over 5 years ago Sierra Nicole said:

I REALLY loved this! First off, Welcome to Figment! Second, I'm a hardcore Directioner and can totally see Liam being the friend in this situation. Your descriptions are soo good that I could envision every last detail. I have to say that I really loved this, did I already say that?? Oh well, it deserved it. lol. By the way, I have my own fanfic called A Secret Night which I have finished and have begun a sequel. Go and check it out. I see that your name is Styles... Harry fan?? ME TOO! I have a fan page on here for him. It's the one with him and Baby Lux on it, not the other one:) Thanks. I am excited that I was your first heart! Congrats! KEEP GOING!!!!!!