A Sip of Oleander Tea

A Sip of Oleander Tea

1 chapter / 2768 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


The Oleander plant is a shrub that is grown in many homes as garden decour, however few know of it's poisonous qualities. A girlfriend plots to use it against her cheating boyfriend and things become gruesome.


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over 3 years ago Patchwork Teashop said:

Well! That...was both amazing and freaking creepy. Very good!

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almost 6 years ago Claire said:

that was super twisted! I loved it no complaints. I was so surprised when the tea got switched I had to re-read the line maybe three times. I have to say that that line when she first starts to feel the effects of the oleander was confusing. The words in caps could be italicized it might look less choppy. I am going to recommend this to my friends.


over 6 years ago Hannah Sproch said:

Really good beginning, really good ending! So many surprising twists...awesome. :) Some parts were a little confusing, so I suggest you clear up a few parts, especially those concerning the sisters. But it was an incredible story otherwise!!!!! =D AMAZING job!


over 6 years ago Tom "JellyBean Sjöden" Stack said:

wow. That was so intense. I love your descriptions in it. Wait, was the man's other girlfriend girlfriends sister? That is very confusing and sinister. This is very good. Well done.



almost 7 years ago Kat Behrend said:

The first thing I have to say is excellent short story. I suspected from the narrator’s first sip of tea that somehow she had goofed up and given her boyfriend the wrong cup of tea, but I was a little shocked to find that it was in fact his devilish act which had caused the switch. Outstanding twist. The beginning of the story was brilliant. It drew the reader in, explained a little background thread, and created an excellent stage for the drama to unfold upon. One grammatical error jumped out at me: He would pay for what his unfaithfulness! I liked how you placed emphasis on certain words (such as He was going to DIE! I would watch him lay on the floor writhing in pain. He would SUFFER for the hurt he had caused me!), however you may want to consider using italics instead of capital letters, as it will still give the correct emphasis and refrain from seeming like over-kill. The ending was extremely disturbing, but it was fitting with the rest of the story. All in all, an enjoyable read.