2 chapters / 1196 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


If you wish to enhance the story, read with British accent. :)
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2 days ago pokemon said:

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5 months ago david said:

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over 1 year ago Sarah Shanti Wolfe said:

This is wonderful! It's full of intrigue and I'm wondering about this revolution


over 1 year ago Colette [Rook] said:

This is so interesting! I started out reading with a British accent like you suggested, but then I got utterly absorbed into this and forgot all about that. This is amazing!



12 months ago Holly Rayne (Mystical) said:

Copper is personally,for me, the best book on Figment. It is beautifully crafted, with a beginning that pulls you in, a plot that is just plain amazing, and characters that are original and unique. Also, the cover and title draw you in, because no matter how many times people say don't judge a book by it's cover, the cover is usually the first thing the draws you in, followed by the title and description. It is a great book to read, and Grace L definitely deserves to be the Featured Fig. Keep working on it! Kayla Writes


over 1 year ago Helen He said:

Please write more! I absolutely love steampunk stories. The descriptions of Wonderland are very vivid, and I want to know what happens next. Great work!