The 65th Annual Hunger Games

The 65th Annual Hunger Games

13 chapters / 18401 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


*HOPING FOR 100 Hearts* Shell is a shy girl that had never any self confidence, strength, or high selfestime. She preferred to keep to her self and practice with her spear and net when she fished with Finnick Odair. Finnick was the only one that ever talked to her. He helped her with what ever she needed. On the day of the reaping her name is pulled and all of her emotions and life go into term moil. In order for her to survive she needs to grow up and be a become a woman. Easier said than done


Comedy, Drama, Thriller



almost 4 years ago Gillion Machota said:

The person below me is right. Fix the grammer errors. If you are planning to be a writer, you need to have good grammer when you spell. The story followed with the Hunger Games to much though. With the necklace, even the last name. No offense, but the story would be even greater if you put it through Finnick's eyes and not Shell. I mean, Shell is a pretty cool name. The story was really good though. If you want to take a look at my story, A Girl Named Alice, that would be awesome. I am almost done with it. It should maybe done by tonight though. Thxx!!-Gillion


about 4 years ago Rachel Stulberger said:

The first chapter was hard to read through. Not because of the story but your spelling errors and typos. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go through this again and fix the spelling and grammar errors. Survey is how that word is spelt. Also, Annie was never nasty, she was a shy girl even before her reaping. I like that you've changed it around but it feels weird having Annie so nasty and then seeing how she ends up with Finnick in the books just doesn't make sense, i would change that. Other then this, please fix the spelling and grammar! You will get more hearts and likes.


about 5 years ago Anna Brier said:



over 5 years ago Lark Winters said:

This is a great story. Made me cry.



over 5 years ago Bailey Scott said:

This is a great fanfic but I alot of spelling/grammar mistakes so you might want to check over for that stuff. Okay now to compliments: I love how you made Annie cruel ( I would never think of her that way though!) And just overall this is a fantastic story so far and PLEASE TELL ME YOU'LL CONTINUE!!!!!