Becoming Robin Hood

Becoming Robin Hood

3 chapters / 459 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


A retelling of Robin Hood.My goal is to get 400 hearts.


Writing, Adventure



over 5 years ago ataa001 said:

I think there are some tweeks than can be made during the editing process in regards to grammar, but other than that I liked your flow and setting. Great work and good luck in the contest! ~swap for the Spy Game


over 5 years ago Erin Redhead said:

Great minds think alike, huh? Mine's a take on Robin Hood too :P


over 5 years ago Ginger Alexandra said:

This is really good! Sorry it took me this long to review! I hope after the contest you keep writing! :)

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over 5 years ago Annie E.B said:

This was a good take on the original story; the ending just seems a little too abrupt. I was a bit confused.


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over 5 years ago Madelyn Neal said:

There was a lot of grammar issues in the piece and i didn't think it was that good. I read a book called Hawkmaid. So, I don't know if you copied from that but all of the names are exactly the same. I didn't think it was very well written because I got confused a lot of time and the language you used was plain and pretty boring. I know you could fix it and I'm sure you could do better but I you need to practice your eloquence so it makes people keep reading.


over 5 years ago Page turner Jenny said:

Some spelling mistacks and you forgot a "You" in the begining part but other then that I like the idea of it.