Enigma: Book I The Game of Shadows

Enigma: Book I The Game of Shadows

1 chapter / 3932 words

Approximately 20 minutes to read


**CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A REVAMP, PLEASE BE PATIENT** Lavender Marguerite is living the highest kind of life. She is, after all, daughter to the esteemed Peoples' Servant Charles III. After seventeen years of being selfishly hidden away her coming of age, just a few short days after her seventeenth birthday, commences. Along with being revealed to the Noamonite people she is also forced with the insurmountable task of choosing a husband before the month comes to a close.

Darkness seeps throughout this story as a resentful princess carefully guards a secret that could change her life, as well as that of those around her. Will she be able to do what is required of her and submit to the laws of tradition, or will she rebel and endanger those around her? **Cover by Bailey**


Fantasy, Steampunk, Novel



over 1 year ago Alexandr Lukin said:

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about 5 years ago Rebecca Haible said:

the only thing i have a issue with is that you say one sister is 27 and another is just a year younger but wont get something till her 20th bday? and when you had the name of the kingdom koan then just koa other then that it was awesome!!!!!!

Love gl

about 5 years ago GL said:

This was very compelling! I loved the plot a lot! I'm a sucker for a good fantasy story!! I will defs come back for more :)

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about 5 years ago Alexandria Serthes said:

Your story is absolutely excellent, as is your narration of it. However, you have quite a few typos and grammar mistakes, which detract from the story itself. Also, there was an issue in a change from third person point of view to first, during the official introduction of Lavender's suitors, which threw me off somewhat, and should definitely get a look at. That being said, I read the first three chapters, and continued to the fifth. I'll definitely be coming back.



about 5 years ago Shawnee Rose said:

I loved this story. I love the way you went about telling it. It's excellent and there were few mistakes. Excellent work.


about 5 years ago J. Li said:

First of all, let me congratulate you on writing such a wonderful book. 40K words can be really hard to type out. Have you heard of NaNoWriMo? You should try it.

So back to the story. I like how you used third person, because it allows the reader to see so much more than what the character is limited to. The plot started off nicely, with the visual descriptions of the kingdom and the crowd. Then, came the addition of the Shadows and Mystics and all. I thought you did a really nice job bringing them into play- it really fitted with the story. The characters were unique, and they really added the spice to the story.

This was an amazing read. I was so lucky to read this. Amazing job!

*NaNoWriMo is where you write a novel in a month, but it has to be 50K words.