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SEMI-FINALIST IN THE JUSTINE MAGAZINE CONTEST. A modern adaptation of the Scarlet letter in the form of a poem.


Writing, Drama, Poetry
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over 4 years ago Brooke Johnson said:

Tori, I really enjoyed this poem. I thought i spoke to a great number of issues and spoke to them well. The imagry was beautiful and tasteful. Not too little or too much. I can see why this went so far in the contest. Keop up the great work!!! ~Brooke

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almost 5 years ago Stephanie Lorraine H. said:

Really enjoyed the lines "we sinned equally" and "It was your choice and my mistake". I love how you transitioned from talking about societies prospective, your own prospective, the lover's place in the matter, and the daughter's place in the matter. Your thoughts were very realistic. Struggle was something you placed very precisely.