2 chapters / 2436 words

Approximately 12 minutes to read


What happens to the modern world when all the electricity disappears?
NOTE: I am doing this as an assignment in my creative writing class, and I would like as much feedback and criticism as possible, and it is appreciated that any grammatical or spelling errors are pointed out.



almost 7 years ago Jerek Dillain said:

Agh, cliffhangers, so horrible yet so great :/

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almost 7 years ago Evan Bruning said:

I love the prologue, watching the black-out from space and the way you described it was great. The first chapter was good, could use some more description, but other then that it seems like have a good story going, keep it up!

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almost 7 years ago Chris Grayburn said:

I loved the prologue! A great way to start it! I'm looking forward for more :)


almost 7 years ago Lizzie Madloch said:

great story... wow, its amazing!


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almost 7 years ago Irene Lim said:

Alright. Wow, that is an interesting premise. All the electricity out... I couldn't imagine it. Here are the grammatical errors I caught. "The sight of the nights on earth were always beautiful" were should be was, since sight is the subject. "It was like it's own starry sky down there" you mixed up its and it's throughout Ch 1. Its=possesion. It's=it is. "this being a rare thing in the Cain's household" Cain's should be just Cain. Idiomatic thing. "The Cain's lived in a small suburb of New York City" Same thing, Cains. Anyway, good work. :)


almost 7 years ago The Writing Rose (original) said:

I really loved your description and can't wait for more. I'm no professor, but I'd give it an A+!