Winter Nights

Winter Nights

17 chapters / 36369 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


DJV cover §♥§ Work in progress! §♥§ [WARNING] Mature Content Later on§♥§

A young girl in the village guard is unaware of the lies of her life. Born to a large kingdom, Kristen was sent away during the war that killed her parents to save her life. She was meant to return home once the war was over but was never found untill she turned 16. She soon discovers she is not an orphin to a small village, but instead a princess to her own country. Only she can discide to go with her people or stay with her friends.



about 3 years ago PandaAsiran said:

I only read the first chapter/prologue but I'm intrigued. I want to know what happens next and that is the best quality a book can have, in my opinion: to draw the reader in right at the beginning. I will definitely keep reading.


about 3 years ago A.J. Cypher said:

So the tags in this 'ninja girl' 'dog and owner bond' 'princess' really drew me in, because I was like ninjas and dogs and princesses? This has to be interesting. And it was! Haha. Really well done!


about 3 years ago Arianna Lennox-Nightingale said:

I'll be honest, I only read the beginning:) But so far so good! Haha you have talent, keep up the good work!XD


over 3 years ago Gracie Qu said:

I love your book cover, but onto the content of the story. You have a tendency to just explain things in the first chapter, which becomes slightly boring to read. I don't want you to tell me things, I want you to show me these things. Instead of simply stating what the Foundation is, maybe have Kaiden think "So the rumors are true...The Foundation really is using kids to etc."



almost 3 years ago adiedo said:

You're story is fantastic so far. But the writing has a lot of work to do. Don't rush it. You don't need to. Take your time to put in more details and explain some more. You're story starts off intense and captivating, so you need to take it slower. It'll build up the tension. I look forward to reading more! :)


over 4 years ago Martha Prebble said:

Just after that it says, '...but he was now where to be found...' I suppose that's no where to be found. :D