Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

1 chapter / 1137 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


For the Justine Mag Contest! I want you to guess which fairy tale I am using! 100 heart goal....just sayin'



over 5 years ago Not Applicable said:

This was excellent, I don't know what fairy tale you used, but the story was nicely written, and I enjoyed it. Good work! :)


over 5 years ago Ninja Nourie said:

Sleeping Beauty! whoops, shouldn't have said it out loud. Beautiful, at least she has dark hair here, and is a robot, and cold, and get the point. Anyways, it's very nice, wish Snow White good luck!


over 5 years ago Olivily Moony Maleckas said:

I loved it, it wasn't too clear on what the fairy tale was, I was kind of thinking Snow White but at the same time I'm wondering if it is Sleeping beauty. The detail was good and I really hope you continue this after the contest is over :)

-Olivily Moony Maleckas-


over 5 years ago . said:

wow, I would ask you to continue this after the contest, but i have no idea how you could. I loved the whole concept, and genre, and i especially loved the ending. short, sweet, and simple. This is my kind of story, and I find so few of them, so this was a real treat. good luck in the contest!!!


Blbs dayna rix

over 5 years ago Dayna Rix said:

hmm, so this is a mash-up of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White? it has a fresh, dystopian-cyberpunk kind of vibe to it. very nicely done. kind of cruel to put a cliffhanger at the end- it's such a good story!

sorry this took me so long, but I've been pretty busy with a summer job.



over 5 years ago Kait said:

This most certainly has captured my attention. I love the small cliffhanger at the end, it leads to more imagination. Very excellent visual, and a very nice body. I love the way you incorporate the contest body into this piece, and I would enjoy it if perhaps you continued this piece.