The Silent Meadow

The Silent Meadow

1 chapter / 96 words

Approximately half a minute to read


A poem that I made about a girl's actions as she walks into a meadow filled with memories.


Writing, Poetry



over 5 years ago Ze Fluffy Kit on Fire ^3^ said:

Raw Emotion in this, it's real powerful. RAW!

You made me shiver. Great work.


over 5 years ago Abby A said:

It was great and beautiful, very emotional!


over 5 years ago Alas Mya Nishels said:

That gave me chills in the end! Very good!


over 5 years ago Sydney Rachel said:

This is great. It's so sad and I feel myself wanting to comfort the girl. As a girl, or person in general I too have felt my share of heartbreaks so I feel for her. I know what its like to miss someone and wonder why they have gone all of a sudden. I even have a few poems about it. Such as "I can still" and "the never said goodbye" and probably a few others, if your interested in checking them out. Your piece is easy to relate to which makes it all the better. You're a really good writer. Good job, keep it up!



over 5 years ago Penelope Tara said:

Beautiful! Very sad and filled with such emotion and all that in a short little poem that is fantastic!


over 5 years ago Shae said:

I would recommend fixing your grammar. The flow of the poem, just... doesn't fit to me. The words are beautiful, the story is beautiful - I just think the flow needs a little work. Good luck! :D