The Suicide Letter

The Suicide Letter

12 chapters / 27623 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


When Milo Dunbarr loses his one true love, he spirals into a deep depression. He plans on killing himself not just to ease his pain, but the pain of the ones around him. Before he does this horrible act, he writes his memories of the last six months down. The memories of his precious Lucy. (The book isn't completely finished.)


Romance, Novel, Drama


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about 6 years ago Sunny Johnson said:

This is beautiful. I'm only halfway through chapter 2 and I already love it.

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about 6 years ago Rose Sierra Blazfer said:

I hate leaving comments like, "it was good," without any criticism, but I have none on your writing! I fell in love with your characters right away, I feel like I know them already, and I can really relate to Milo. I know exactly what he means, I've felt it myself. Great, great job.


about 6 years ago Nessia Anclamaie said:

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over 6 years ago Evelyn Wagner said:

I love this story!!! I couldn't stop reading it!!! I can't wait for you to write more!!! =)



almost 5 years ago Cat Starr said:

This. Is. Seriously. Amazing! I was only going to read a few chapters, seeing there was 12 in all, but I actually sat at my computer, glued to the screen, for 2 hours, reading it until the very end.

I think a contractions would have been nice to make your dialogue flow a little better, but this is amazing. Good job! :)


about 6 years ago Nessia Anclamaie said:

HI! First off...THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING Second off: I lovelovelovelove this!!! it is one of the best stories I have read. No. I'm not kidding. if i had any influence at all, i would get this published for you. I think at some places, the dialogue is a little stiff, and contractions would be helpful and make it flow a little better....But overall...10 OUT OF 10!!!!