Rainbow of Gray

Rainbow of Gray

1 chapter / 158 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A poem about the beauty of winter.


Writing, Poetry


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almost 6 years ago •Brooklyn Fairchild• said:

This was excellent. I loved the rhythm and the feel of the poem. Winter is my favorite season, so I particularly loved it :) Job well done!


over 6 years ago roro said:

wow, breathtaking poem. i loved the title, first of all. i also enjoyed your use of imagery.


over 6 years ago 1 said:

I love the rhyme scheme and flow. And the fact that it GLORIFIES winter makes it special because Spring usually gets all the spotlight. I likey.


over 6 years ago Olivia Richards said:

This was amazing! Your rhyming scheme was very nicely done, and I especially loved the "Rainbow of Grey" at the end of every line. It added a very nice touch. Good work! Olivia out :)



almost 6 years ago Emma Oliver said:

Hey there, Your poem is spectacular! I'm so impressed with the flow it has and the word choice you used. I also like the voice. I feel like you could read this aloud to a kid as they go to bed or something...just my musings.



almost 7 years ago Kat said:

I like the whole poem a lot! But I wish you could have ended it differently because I was really enjoying your vocabulary and the voice of your poem. But at the end it just flopped for me. Other than that good job!