The Etiquette of Tea.

The Etiquette of Tea.

77 chapters / 115976 words

Approximately about 10 hours to read


WIP Cover by Mac Ford
......Robert is still reeling from a broken relationship. He wants nothing to do with dating, but now he is having to deal with single women being thrown at him to get him married.


Comedy, Romance, Serial



over 1 year ago AJSkye said:

Great story, funny and emotional! One thing you could easily change though is the consistency of your chapter headings. In the middle they were numbered with dashes, and in some other parts of the story they had a period at the end. Numbering them is fine (as long a it's consistent) but they don't need a period since they are not complete sentences anyway. Other than that technical tip and some grammar mistakes, this is a great story! I love their interactions and the all the humor.

Altogether an awesome story! Keep writing!


over 1 year ago Sue D'nim said:

I'm sorry, but the inner fan girl will not be silenced. It is spelled Dalek. But other than that this is my favorite book, has been since you started it.


almost 2 years ago Marie Williams said:

Oh lord, I don't know how movies manage to rake in the millions they do. All the action films like this one, and the battles where people come out spotless with one small scratch. And things are always conveniently there, and no one ever asks any questions.

I have to wonder why Matt keeps trying to push him back to Morgan, knowing how bad the relationship ended and that they want different things in life. I know he's shocked by the idea of Penny, but you'd think he would lay off the Morgan thing.


almost 2 years ago Astrid Hartman said:

I can't handle this, I just can't! All these cliff-hangers are too much for my conscious >.<

I must say though that I loved Robert poking fun at Morgan's movie, it made me laugh! We are actually talking about that in journalism, how women are represented in the media and it is quite sad to be honest.

But another lovely chapter :) I hope he and Penny reconcile soon


Me 1963

almost 2 years ago Linda D said:

Thanks for the review. The girl (un-named) in the prologue is a scene much later in the relationship. She’s the same as in the coffee shop, and that’s when he first notices her, but he doesn't know her name yet, so I purposely left it out in the prologue.

Commas…yeah! I have a love/hate relationship with them. I usually abuse them mercilessly, and in return they love to make my writing confusing. The bane of my grammar attempts.


almost 2 years ago Kaylee Bowing said:


1. That seems like a weird way to start in my opinion. Maybe mention later that he's tall and athletic. It could just be me personally, but I do not like that first sentence.

2. I don't think you need a comma between assistant and offensive (when describing someone like "tall, dark etc" you don't always need commas either - only if you want to emphasize that list) but yeah.

3. You have a LOT of commas in some of these sentences, and it's really distracting and kind of hard to read. Maybe this sentence: ...her simple, light-green, oxford blouse, neat, prim...

could be changed to: ...her light-green oxford blouse, neat and prim...

Or something like that. Honestly, I'm not sure what you're describing as neat and prim anymore... I think that it's the shirt, but comma overload for my brain. XD

4. HAHAHAHAH THAT WOULD BE THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING EVER. Bravo on that... That is the best. And I felt embarrassed for him, so you did that super well. Oh my goodness, that would be horrid.

5. Okay, so I feel like the prologue should end with something else other than what you have. It doesn't feel closed... It feels like a line or two is missing. Maybe have her say something kind of joking about how she never would've guessed he was a coffee drinker, or refer back to the cat thing. I dunno, just a suggestion.

6. Also, I don't sense chemistry between the two of them quite yet, but it IS just the prologue, so I probably shouldn't expect much.

I know that you wanted me only to do the prologue, but I may do a couple more chapters just for kicks. :)

Chapter 1

1. So I'm guessing things didn't go well? ;) How long after the relationship is this, I wonder? Maybe you'll tell us in the chapter.

2. iPad not I-pad

3. Not all girls wear heels though (almost all of my friends and women I know unless they're dressing up wear trainers aka tennis shoes) so how is he supposed to judge whether it's a woman just by that? Or maybe he expects that only young college women won't wear high-heels? Sorry, I'm just confused.

4. This sounds like the same person he went on a date with in the prologue. Is it? Also YES, YOU LITERALLY JUST PUT IN THE SHOE THING I COMMENTED ABOUT.

5. How old is your MC by the way? Kinda wondering... I'm assuming that he's graduated (he got a job as an assistant coach, but I don't know enough about the sport to know whether a college kid could be hired for that - I'm assuming not, but you tell me) from college but...for how many years?

6. I think you're reading my mind because now I know what his age is too.

7. ...boy, hastened...


8. Okay, so I'm confused. XD This is a different person, right? Like that's not the person he went out with in the prologue? Or am I just going to have to wait and see?

9. Maybe it is...? GOODNESS I AM SO CONFUSED. Sorry, I'm probably just stupid. XD 10. Okay, so far I'm not really BORED per se. Like I enjoyed this chapter and I'm enjoying my confusion and stuff, but I'm not quite sure where the plot is yet... I'm assuming that it kind of started as soon as P&P English woman showed up, or something like that, but yeah...

Chapter 2

1. You should probably spell out "fifteen"

2. iPad not I-pad

3. Comma before son. And I think it needs to be capitalized too, since it's being used in place of a name, but honestly I hate it when I have to capitalize "son" so I just never do and I'm not going to be a stickler about that part. XD

4. Comma before Rob.

5. ...looking at me." Robert...

Comma not period.

6. I'm confused... How did the conversation suddenly get to this. XD It seems weird.

7. Chick magnet. Chic means something completely different.

8. ...question," Matt...

Period not comma.

9. This seems like a weird and sudden conversation to talk about how single and attractive Robert is. XD Is that just me?

10. So NOW we're back to the faculty dinner. XD Okay. So do real college employees talk about how attractive the others are? I wouldn't know, I guess.

Great job so far! :D If I have the time after my other swaps I may come back and do some more!