To Hunt a Monster

To Hunt a Monster

1 chapter / 532 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A camping trip with a twist. For the Summer Reading Contest 2012. Cover made by Kat Connolly.


Comedy, Fantasy, Horror



about 4 years ago Brooke G. said:

That is awesome! Keep it up:):):):):):):):):) I will read all of your books if they continue to be that good


over 4 years ago Christina said:

I love the quote at the top.


over 4 years ago FOREVERYOURS said:



over 4 years ago Jimmy Candlestick said:

Supernatural fan? It showed. Which is fine, in a way. It's always good to surround yourself with stories that inspire you, your own story, and your writing. However, it's not so good to let it overcome your style.

You write well, with a firm vocabulary. The quote up top was a nice addition. And I loved the cover, that's what drew me in.

As others have said, though, it did feel a bit rushed. A short story is short because it's not even a novella, but it's allowed to be in the upper thousands in word count. Don't be afraid to expand the surroundings, the circumstances, and the characters themselves!

-How did this character get into hunting? -Why a dagger? -How did they pick up the signs of the creature? -Are his parents really that naive about his "hobby"?

Those are a few questions you might wanna ask yourself to add depth.

To be honest, it's a little disturbing how lighthearted they were about all this. It's a little twisted to be *that* flippant about a life - even if it's an evil creature. It actually comes across as thrill-seeking teens, who believe in their own immortality. I loved that quote in the beginning, though, it ended up being misleading. No, this was never spoken of as a sport. Yet, it was treated so. A sport is fun, with a competitive edge. So was this hunt. A challenge, that they enjoyed.

Okay. So. Sorry. I haven't left a half-way decent comment on anything in ages. So, that up there was basically a word vomit that I couldn't string together smoothly. Don't be discouraged, these are things you'll naturally improve on the more you read and write.



over 4 years ago The Raging Picasso said:

Short, but not so sweet. It feels as if this story consists of nothing but little sentences strung together hastily and haphazardly. The events were rushed as well; before being able to indulge in one idea, you were halfway through the other. Perhaps some more background and context would help foster more depth within the plot as well. Despite all that, it was an enjoyable read that has potential to become something very exceptional.


over 4 years ago Liz Wilson said:

Ok, it was just so predictable. There were no twists, and although it was a good story idea, you need to adds one more detail and maybe explain a bit more of what's going on.