Supernatural Summer

Supernatural Summer

2 chapters / 519 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


©2012 Summer Reading Contest Finalist! Aria has to spend the summer at her grandma's, but a horrible memory on a summer night ruins it all...

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over 5 years ago Constance Penman said:

I enjoyed reading this. I'm in love with were-wolfs, so I was really excited about reading it as soon as I realized she was turning into a werewolf. Thank you for joining the contest which resulted in you posting this amazing story!


over 5 years ago Wendy R. said:

i read this for our swap, btw can you read rachel? and i loved the humor and the storyline, good luck in the contest


over 5 years ago Mia K said:

Wow! This story is very interesting and well written. I enjoyed the ending especially. Keep up the amazing work and good luck in the contest!


over 5 years ago Lizzie Rose said:

ugh! im so stupid. sorry i spelled written with one t!



over 3 years ago Linn Pena said:

This was wonderful with an unexpected ending to it. I loved the uniqueness of your story. ^_^

over 5 years ago Emi said:

This reminds me a bit of what happened with a character called 'Red' in the tv show 'Once Upon A Time'. It was well written and I loved the ending, but the dialogue between the girl and her grandmother at the beginning was a little rushed. Also, I felt like you could have foreshadowed what was about to happen by going into more detail about the Incident. Overall a nice eerie story; I can imagine it being told around a campfire. Keep writing!