Supernatural Summer

Supernatural Summer

2 chapters / 519 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


©2012 Summer Reading Contest Finalist! Aria has to spend the summer at her grandma's, but a horrible memory on a summer night ruins it all...

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over 5 years ago Lw said:

This feels so great to read and I love what you done with the opening


over 5 years ago Kyla Marie Rich said:

Wow. That was creepy and well written. Nice work! ~Kyla Marie RIch : )

See the glory

over 5 years ago Colin Lierman said: That's all I have to say. It was quite an eerie piece (which is the kind I like!) and nicely written. Altogether, I enjoyed this piece! :)

Dog behind fence

over 5 years ago Mary Nichols said:

Congrats on being a finalist and good luck!



over 5 years ago Michillie said:

wonderful and interesting story. the order of events flow together nicely and you do a great job of telling a whole story in just a few words. your writing was captivating for the most part, mostly when the suspense started to build up and the action sequence sped up the pace. that being said, i wasn't hooked by the first paragraph... it didn't capture my attention in the way of "oh! i have to read this to know what happens next!" it seemed a little flat. although, i really only find this in the first chapter. once the story picks up, it gains energy and keeps the reader's attention. good plot flow and use of description too. overall i think you have a really good story here and an interesting sequence of events ^^ well done! and best of luck in the contest =]


over 5 years ago Emma Reed said:

Wow! i never expected that :) it was really interesting and i would like to see it lengthened in the future as it would make a really good story. there was one bit in the story that was spelt wrong: "Gram said..." it might be wrong, or the character might call her grandma that i'm not sure, but if it is wrong, then then i've pointed it out for you :)