Escape Hatch

Escape Hatch

1 chapter / 1140 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Justine Mag Finalist! Whoops, this isn't a fairytale or a romance novel - but why should those be the only things girls read and write? A futuristic retelling of Catch 22.

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2 months ago Ben Hramiak said:

really liked the story, interesting premise. Could you pleas have a look at my story and comment. It's called Amber Station.



4 months ago ment said:

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7 months ago Blue Lexius said:

Great story! though I know nothing about Catch 22.


9 months ago ☼ dorothy gale ☼ said:

i like how 'Shiver' is at 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



about 5 years ago Brock Collins said:

Finally! Another girl writing science fiction on this website.

I found the main character very likable, but you left the Fleet a little obscure as a group. Why won't they let Jane back to Earth? What is it that this company does? My only other trouble was with the strawberry scene. Were you setting that up for something later? It felt like you didn't follow through clearly with that idea.

Overall, fun read and I hope you write some more sic-fi!


about 5 years ago A D Berry said:

This is a really interesting book, told with skill and intricate detail. I love how you've taken the futuristic idea and interwoven it with modern day situations that people can relate to. I think that the ideas of the book could have been stretched further, and the plotline is kind of difficult to follow. Apart from that, thumbs up!