One Sacrifice

One Sacrifice

2 chapters / 2515 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


*If any of the first few chapters after the prologue seem like they were written by a junior high kid, it's because I started this a couple years ago :P*
Pearl calls the sea her home. She loves it, but the fact that she never knew her mother tugs at her heart. Plus, her father's evasive comments on the subject only intensify her curiosity. She's stressed and irritated at her father's persistant efforts to find her a mate for life, and on a leisurely swim, she sees a human. Without thinking, Pearl makes a life changing decision, both for her and for him. Will they be able to work out an understanding and fall in love for real, and not by some ancient spell?
Coral, or Cory, is living in Cape Coral, Florida. She's always felt the call of the sea, especially when her adoptive parents moved from Colorado to the seaside. It was there she met her best friend and boyfriend, but a part of her always felt empty, like she was missing someone else in her life.
Unknown to both girls, the time is coming when they will both uncover a shocking secret, search for the truth, and all the while try to balance their love lives.



over 5 years ago Penelope Tara said:

Really good story I honestly just wan to read more of it! :)


over 5 years ago Allie said:

So far so Great...Really good, interested to know what happens next :)



over 5 years ago Ludjina Estilin said:

This is awesome, there is a lot of emotion in this story and there are somethings that have me questioning and sitting at the edge of my sit because all that mystery. awesome job!


over 5 years ago danielle n.f. said:

Thanks! I have more coming


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