Jared Austen’s Guide to Trolls

Jared Austen’s Guide to Trolls

1 chapter / 494 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


[Originally for the Summer Reading Contest which had a 500 word limit] Jared didn't get what he was hoping for as his first summer job, but maybe he can make the best of it. Set in an alternate future world, this is an idea that I might develop into a larger story later.

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almost 2 years ago alicia said:



about 3 years ago Zafar Iqbal said:

I like this Jared Austen. My day job often include writing reviews of things and I could appreciate him for doing the research before typing up his piece.

Good piece.


almost 5 years ago KawaiiANGEL said:

sounds good could you carry on please



over 5 years ago Kyree Stark said:

Awesome short! It's so hard to put a decent amount of feeling and story line into such a small word deadline. That considered, i think you did an amazing job on writing this short! good luck with the the competition!

Shakespeare 068

over 5 years ago Amy Rose said:

This was a neat story! The first paragraph confused me a bit because I didn't know what creature he had been studying. Also, was the window right by his cubicle? Or did he roll on his chair all the way across the office? Jared is a great character! He does what we all want to do and sporadically goes on an adventure! I also really like the future you created.Nice job! For the swap, please read Buggy Bedtime. Thanks!