Tainted Mystery

Tainted Mystery

1 chapter / 557 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


You never know when you'll take your last breath. For the Summer Reading Contest. *Goal 200 hearts* (Do I hear 250? ;D)

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over 5 years ago Adrienne Sara said:

*Swap* Oh. My. Gosh. Dang girl! That is intense! It is sad, heartbreaking, and surprisingly realistic. After the contest, you need to write more. Great job and good luck!

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over 5 years ago Sarah said:

Usually I think stories with vampires are generally silly, because really, why do we glorify the life of someone who is utterly damned for all eternity? But, I feel this is a pretty honest and accurate telling of how it would really be. I feel like this girl is genuinely explaining to me a horror, she doesn't spare me the details, which makes me believe it the most. Although I understand why some people say the whole story shouldn't be this sad, I think it gives it honesty. I can only imagine that nothing about a vampire's life would be happy. Really nice job in 500 words. Good luck.

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over 5 years ago Music Lover ♫♪ said:

Great job!! This is a solid and detailed piece. Great job and good luck in the contest!! I hope you win!!

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over 5 years ago Oniichan said:

wow... just wow... Your writing style is great! Way better than mine could ever be. The whole story has great potential and you could do so much more with it! You have a pretty great gift for writing :)


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over 5 years ago Sadie Collins said:

The cover seemed a little boring, but overall, it was great! I'm glad someone made a vampire who was truly evil and not just 'misunderstood'. There simply aren't enough Draculas in the world. It was sad when he killed her family, especially when he killed her little sister last. But it did add to the atmosphere of despair ^^ God job!-------for a swap

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over 5 years ago Katie Gontier <3 said:

For the swap ************ I loved this! The title *Tainted Mystery* is just a title that makes one want to read this. The cover, doesn't really play along with the story, and it seemed a little boring. **************************************************** The first few sentences said that this was a well described story, and that it was going to get better as it went on. ******************************************************** The way *He* killed her family was horrible, but it made the story captivating. Expecially her little 9 year old sister. It seemed like she really loved the 9 year old. ********************************************* I didn't really get when she said that she was falling when *He* came into her room. ************************ The ending was just amazing, and it made me curious of what your personality is like, and it made me curious that if you ever decided to continue with this, of what you would come up with. ************* I really enjoyed reading this, and if you ever decide to continue it, I would love for you to let me know.