Tainted Mystery

Tainted Mystery

1 chapter / 557 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


You never know when you'll take your last breath. For the Summer Reading Contest. *Goal 200 hearts* (Do I hear 250? ;D)

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almost 4 years ago Lu Yunong said:

Hello this Lu and I would love to turn this into a graphic novel! Also even though this story is a year old it isn't too bad. A bit on the over used side, but it is a year old.


over 5 years ago Mary Bowker said:

Grandma's very proud of you sweetie


over 5 years ago Jada said:

Wow ... how heart-wrenching.

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over 5 years ago Beautiful Disaster ♫ said:

I loved it I'm happy you asked me to read this.. It got my attention quickly


To be or not to be

over 5 years ago Maddy N. Muir said:

*swap* This was extremely well written. I feel like the vampire theme is overly used and worn out, but you found a way to make it exciting again! I loved the imagery you put in and the cruelity. I feel that tragedy makes a good book, and the bit about the little sister was perfect... sad, but perfect!


over 5 years ago Robin Navi said:

*swap* I believe I've already done a swap with you? But I'm not too certain so I'll just post again. It was intense. (._.) It surprised me. The twist at the end was really twisted... (>_Compelling twist, excellent description of the emotion. Well done. -Symphony