The Summer Before Boys

The Summer Before Boys

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Eighteen year old Grace and sixteen year old Emmeline Callahan are two sisters living Huntington Coves, Rhode Island.
They've spent every summer of their lives in this small beach town and went from building sandcastles to collecting seashells, to going to late night bonfire parties.For Grace, she's fallen in love too many times and know heartbreak better than anyone. While Emmeline is the dreamer who fell in love with the boy next door but can't get him to like her back.

So on a starry night the two girls go camping out on the beach. Something they haven't done since little girls, and they go back to a time before heartbreak, summer flings,and disappointment. Back to the summer before boys.

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over 5 years ago Paul Kurm said:

Check out Billy Blue - "Imperfection"

How honest are you???

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over 5 years ago GreekStarGazer said:

Love the description and Lion King

Your lifegaurd walks on water

over 5 years ago Dreamer Girl said:

Super cute. I loved it. :) You may want to re-word some of your sentences, because a couple of them are awkward. Maybe you should read the story out loud to hear them... then determine what should be fixed. I absolutely loved the story though!


over 5 years ago Renee Goudreaux said:

I liked it! Your flow was pretty good and word choice really helped paint a picture. I think one of your sentences sounded a bit odd...just in the tense area. However, the thoughtfulness you ended up with, was great :)


It's okay

over 5 years ago L. Greenhalgh said:

So whimsically & beautifully wrote, I absolutely adored your description of the surroundings & your imagery was superb. There were a few things I noticed however, that you may want to change: 1. '...not the girl with a broken heart that grew SO distant.' 2. '...sisters whispered secrets and were best friends.' (without the apostrophe on sisters) 3. 'AS WE SAT THERE TOGETHER, we saw things through younger eyes...' Except for these little things (bear in mind that this is just my opinion & you can completely ignore it) I thought your piece was wonderful & absolutely entrancing, keep up the good work! ^-^ xxx


over 5 years ago Michillie said:

a very lovely story that has a very relevant message too =] you have a very intriguing writing style also and i wish you the best of luck in the contest =]