Stealing Forest

Stealing Forest

28 chapters / 23942 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


*Undergoing Serious Revision... AKA: Don't Bother* When Forest McCaff was a young girl, her life turned upside down. Her dad mysteriously disappeared, and she moved to America with her two best friends, and all three mothers. That was seven years ago. Now, she is fifteen, and living in Hillston, Iowa with her mother, May.
Life is dull in Hillston, until she meets an old friend from her blurry past. All she knows, is not to trust him, but soon she finds that he's all she has to depend on.
Forest is just along for the ride, but she learns that she's much more important then she really knew. Suddenly, there's more to life then bike rides and gardens. She learns the truth about her missing father, and finds her destiny.
**This is a work in-progress, and will be updated whenever possible. Your support is appreciated.** ***Cover By Ashley C. Nicole***


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about 5 years ago Elzie Bleu said:

Holy guacamole that's good!!


over 5 years ago ataa001 said:

I only read the first few chapters, but wow! The intro was fantastic and captivating. I can see where you are going with the novel and I cannot wait to come back and finish it off :)


over 5 years ago The Toasted Table said:

I only read a bit, but it was really good. I also really love your cover. :) It was what made me want to come and read this.


over 5 years ago Angelica said:



Aurora borealis

over 4 years ago Jaspen Song said:

Can I please get the access code? i would be willing to swap if you want. Great story, i loved it.


over 5 years ago Maddy Johnston-Roth said:

***Swap for: House of a Thousand Swords, by Evelyn Jane Stewart***

NOTE: Unfortunately I’ve only got ten minutes to read the beginning, because I’m going to a swim competition. But I’ll review the rest when I get back.


Cover: This is quite nice! The font is professional, and the photograph isn’t grainy or full of huge pixels. This is the kind of cover that you might see in a bookstore.

Blurb/Pitch: Your blurb/pitch is well thought out and well written. I can tell you put a lot of thought into this, and you’ve given just the right amount of information away without repelling the reader. Good job there.

Story: Okay, so, I was all prepared to lie about your first sentence being good, as I have to do with many people (pointing no fingers), but as it turns out I don’t have to lie. This is quite the introductory paragraph. You’ve written it so that the reader is asking who/what/where/how/why, which leads me to the rest of the first page. I already love your protagonist, and the way she describes her morning doings. May seems nice, I will take note to study her character more closely in the next few pages. Also, the way you described your protagonist’s classmates is good, but you may want to add a little about their stereotypes. Your protagonist said she was good at judging people, so why not show that off? For instance, you could put something like:

Donald, the school’s prize pupil, barely spoke in front of me. Allison, the debate team president, gave me weird looks that she usually reserved for her opponents. Robert, the quiet chess-playing geek, would only blush and stutter when I talked to him, and Susana, the all-American cheerleader, was the queen of silent treatment.

Of course, this is just a suggestion.

Okay, I have to leave off here, but I’ll finish reading it when I get back from my swimming competition.