Finding You

Finding You

1 chapter / 146 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


signing off, and a reminder that Finding You is now in print! get yourself to a bookstore!


Romance, Drama, Steampunk
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about 3 years ago Cassie Rose said:


I really like that you’ve given Phoebe something beyond. It makes it feel as if she’s not just a side character in a story. It feels like she’s a real person, with her own goals and dreams, separate from the main character. I like that you’ve fleshed her out. I love Phoebe’s dialogue at the end of this chapter.


Aw, the parting is so sad! I feel like it’s even sadder because they did kind of become connected by their horrible experience, and now they have to leave each other.


Good idea with having her say goodbye to each character. It wouldn’t be as emotional if you just had her give a mass-goodbye and not focus on each one of them, so good job on what you did. Just a thought, but maybe have Phoebe as one of the last ones she talks to, instead of one of the first? I just feel like Phoebe would have more weight if she was after the other girls. I don’t know, it might mess with the flow you have. So, yeah, it’s just a thought. Feel free to ignore it. :P


*holds back tears* Aw, Des! I hope Lillian does come back to him!


I like the reversal. At the start of this story she was a homebody and a bit scared of adventures, and now she’s the one who’s trying to get Tam to do something exciting when they get home. I like that she’s come around, but yet that she doesn’t feel like a completely different character. She’s the same, only grown. Like she said, she grew up.

Very touching when she remembered all the girls who didn’t make it, who didn’t have names or much stories, who were just victims of Curram. It shows how lucky she and her friends were to survive, while also making you really feel all the emotion right here at the end.


Aw, so sad that it’s over! I feel a bit like I’m going to be missing something now that it’s all done! I so enjoyed this, and, really, thank you for sharing it with all of us on Figment! I’m so glad I stumbled across it and could participate in the adventure!

Ha ha, I feel like I’m the person who shipped the wrong characters. :P I literally almost always pick the characters who the author never in a million years wanted to be together. I’m pretty sure I’m cursed in that respect. :P (You did mention in one of the last chapters that when Des was being beaten that he and Val were already kind of falling in love, but I never really got that he even thought about Val that way until way later in the story.)

As for improving on the end, I think it was well done. I diiiiid kind of want Isla to join Phoebe at the last moment, though. Like she’d turn to Tam, tell him she loved him and all, but she had something bigger to do with her life. And maybe he’d join them, or maybe he’d be sick of fighting and go home but promise to always be hers and she’d promise to always be his. And they’d meet again one day, but she has to save other girls. But, I’m definitely okay with this ending. I didn’t find it unsatisfying or untrue to characters. I liked it. Good ending. :)

And you have to give us progress updates with how your querying goes! I’m rooting for you, 100%!! I cannot wait to see this book at my bookstore and proudly take it up to the cashier to buy it for real! I wish you all the luck in the world!

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over 3 years ago Eliza Corder said:

Alright.... I've just finished this. And WOW. *mind explodes*

So... I could go on and on about the writing style and characterization and everything else. And I will say that were I not reading this on a screen I could easily believe I found this at a bookstore. You need to get yourself published or something. Perhaps you already are.... Which is great. *giggling insanely*

Also.... I think this trumped Divergent any day. The styles (1st person, present tense) and then the **SOPOILERS** rebellion towards the end harked back to it. But I thought you did much better both with characterization and the issues you explored. In fact you did better in general.

But the issues. The ISSUES. *dying whale noise* I don’t even understand… The brothel…. *deep sob* People don’t treat their animals that way. Or cattle either. I think towards the beginning Isla says that to everyone around her they are no more than cattle. But they aren’t. They’re less than that because NO ONE LET’S THEIR COWS DIE OF STARVATION AFTER LIKE TWO WEEKS AND THEN THROWS AWAY THE CORPSE.


A cow is useful. It provides milk. If it gets sick you spend money on treating it so it doesn’t die. Or you provide proper care until it’s mature enough to be slaughtered and eaten. *unhappy groan* Not so with human beings, apparently.

I’ll admit I wasn’t all that scandalized while they were in Curram’s cellar. Yes he raped them and that’s terrible. But… it does happen. However the brothel got to one of those low points for humanity where we lose all human compassion and condemn each other to appalling levels of misery.

And…. by the way… The way that you contrasted forced, cruel kisses with genuine and loving ones throughout the whole book was quite brilliant. There was always Tam there to show us what REAL romance is supposed to look like. Sexual relations aren’t bad when there is care and love and devotion behind it. But on it’s own…. It gets ugly. And that’s an important point to make, which you did.

So if getting me to the point where I am utterly stunned and don’t know what to think or how to cope was your goal then… Bravo. You’ve done it. I have only one question (can you even answer reviews? I don’t know. Whatever, I’ll ask it anyway):

How were you able to so accurately portray this kind of thing? The prostitution, misery, sickening filth? You might have just picked up on it from different books and media. However I’ve never seen it…. So I’d just like to know where you could possible have gotten the necessary information to portray this so very accurately. I pray and hope not from real world experience. xD

Thank you for listening. I’m afraid I’m rather scatterbrained. Perhaps fifteen minutes after finishing was not the best time to review it. However do know that I loved it and I’m starting to look at things differently because of it.

Thank you for writing it, God bless!