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*finished novel*

Someone broke into Dani's house, turning her into a were, and changing her life forever. Four years later, she needs to deal with the problems of deciding whether she should find her mate or stay with the pack as alpha female and give up her chances of finding her true love. Maybe she should be looking closer to home.

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10 months ago gray said:

nonononon!! you have to make a happy ending for aron to!


almost 4 years ago Jo said:

It would be interesting with longer chapters, more description, and some more story... I like the concept. And I like what she has. But I don't like how fast it is moving. The chapters are short and the story moves too quickly. The ending came too fast, it seemed. I would put more detail into the wedding as well. It was overall an okay read but I would consider this an outline, eventually you could make it into a LOOONG NOVEL. That would be really cool, actually. I'm sorry if this is too harsh, that is not my intention at all. I just stumbled upon this and once I started reading I couldn't just end and though you'd like my HONEST feedback.


over 4 years ago Kirke-Anne237 said:

Hey, loved the ending, only problem is that in chapter 43, you kinda left a question unanswered. You wrote the Brendan tells Aaron that his mother may be alive. I was wondering what happened with that whole idea. I am assuming Brendan would of gone with Aaron, since he was the one who knows where she is. Other than that, AMAZING book! Loved everything! Congratulations on finishing the book!

Outer space

over 4 years ago TWalker99 said:

Aww! They have a kid. I'm so happy! I love the ending! Are you going to write a story about Aaron?



about 5 years ago Ce'Tara Hill <3 said:

Love love love love love it!!!! You are like my new fav right now. Lol.


over 5 years ago Evan said:

I've got to say, the prologue really wasn't pulling me in like it should then I got to that last sentence and definitely wanted to read on. I haven't finished, but I've read a few chapters so far and will probably keep going.

One of the things I really liked was your description throughout the story. You're describing smells, visuals, and using all the senses, something a lot of people forget to do. Not to mention the description flows well in the story.

I was fairly confused during the first chapter with who was an enemy or not and what was really going on really and felt it didn't flow quite as well as it could. Try reading back over it and thinking about what you're saying, etc.

As for grammar and spelling, I haven't seen any big problems with this so nice job so far :D

So far I think it's a pretty good story, just make sure to re-read things you write and make sure to continue with your good description. Can't wait to read some more :)