Love and Logic

Love and Logic

1 chapter / 976 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Finalist in the Soulbound Contest!
The second daughter of a wealthy family tries to understand love.

Cover by Steffi May

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almost 5 years ago Scarlett O'Hara said:

I really enjoyed reading it. It is interesting you hear your interpretation on love.


over 5 years ago Morgan Rose- Certified Mermaid said:

so a girl in the forums referred me to your story to help me clear my head about something tat was troubling me and it really helped clear things up for me, thank you :)


over 5 years ago Sam S. said:

Love it! I hope u right more!

Dog behind fence

over 5 years ago Mary Nichols said:

Congrats on being a finalist in the Soulbound Short Story Contest!



over 4 years ago Rebecca Starowicki said:

omg! well done its full of awesomeness if that makes sense. Id love to see more of it and I was just waiting to see the next page after the very last line. keep going an inspirational writer xxx


over 5 years ago Chris Fleming said:

Absolutely masterful! I enjoyed the narrator's personality: smart, logical, yet completely disconnected from her heart. I see a little bit of myself in her, and have even asked myself the same question from time to time. This is also another thing I like about your story: it compelled me to think about what was happening in the story, and THAT'S the most important thing in a story like this. Furthermore, I like the answer her older sister gave her at the end. It really tied the story all together, and I'd be surprised if you didn't win this contest.