Don't Want This Night To End

Don't Want This Night To End

2 chapters / 2285 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


Lily and Dia are the best of friends, but they are also huge fans of One Direction. And when they met the British boy band at a meet and greet, they find a big surprise on the back of their yearbook.
(By "yearbook" I mean the special yearbook edition of Up All Night)


Ceejay (profile pic)

about 5 years ago Anastasia Rose said:

Good story, I love it. I hope you plan on continuing it :)


over 5 years ago Brandy said:

Add more please!!!


over 5 years ago abbey anne said:

Gasp! You added more and I didnt even notice! Shame on me! Okay, that was so cute. How he grabbed her hand, and awhhh:) I just adored it:)


over 5 years ago Krystal Fragoso said:

Please tell me when you add more.



over 5 years ago Emma Fisher said:

ACCESS KEY ACCESS KEY ACCESS KEY GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! I LOOOOOVED THIS! Oh my gosh, this piece is the best fanfic I have ever read. I'm not kidding. This is breathtaking. The description is amazing, and you feel like you're their with Lily and Dia. This story was so great. PLEASE WRITE MORE!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely devoured this. Haha, I'm totally spazzing out here, and I look at all of the other comments and they're like: Hey, nice job! THIS IS SO GREAT. Please continue. I WANT TO READ MORE.


over 5 years ago Ashley Norris said:

Avoid words like look, see, feel. Instead, use imagery and descriptive words. "I glanced at Dia..."

Other than overusing the word 'look,' the imagery in this piece is good. Your character descriptions are really good.

You should still avoid the word hear or heard, but in this sentence you jumped to past tense. "I heard that One Direction's management was completely rude..." Change this to present tense, but try to find a different word besides hear.

This is great, but read through it again and weed out the 'looks.'