Are You Kidding Me

Are You Kidding Me

1 chapter / 2500 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


this is the first chapter that tells the story of four people who take an emergency twenty-six hour road trip to florida in order to attend their friend's funeral. It's totally in need of serious editing and open for criticism.


Writing, Drama, Adventure



over 5 years ago Christy Aleckson said:

This is really good. I love the emotions in this and it's such a sad story. I love the way that you started this out. The main character is really good and very likeable. I love how you added humor in this too! Great job and keep on writing!


over 5 years ago stories said:

How are you in need of any serious editing? That was amazing! I love how real this felt, the pain, was written so marvolusly. You're doing a fantasic job so far!

Ilse esme

over 5 years ago Connie Rayburn said:

I like that though this is a sad story you didn't make it as heavy as it could have been. I think this is a really great start and I didn't see much in need of work but I admit that grammer is not my best subject. Thanks for the swap!


over 5 years ago Katie ZaBAM said:

Wow, this is beautifully written (: I love the emotional aspect about the whole thing! Your character really came to life, and that's phenomenal. I love that even though Taylor's death was very devastating for everyone, you still had an element of humor going on in your piece, it definitely kept me interested in what you had to say! Fantastic work, and keep up the wonderful writing =)


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