Dear Old Shiz

Dear Old Shiz

1 chapter / 220 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A quick glimpse into life at my school. Yes, the title is the title of a song from 'Wicked'.


Writing, Short Story



over 2 years ago Dreamerofbooks said:

I picked this because the title is from one of my favorite musicals, Wicked. But I loved this. You are very talented Writer.


over 3 years ago Serafina said:

I really enjoyed this. It was very quirky and humorous. I wish it was longer though! You should expand on this and tell us some unique anecdotes about "dear old shiz" :)

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over 3 years ago RΣΠA Øζίνعr said:

Too true, too true. The bell of Conformity...haha very funny. Good job.


almost 4 years ago kainaima (the first) said:

Love this! The imagery and metaphor is spectacular. Plus I love the title! Wicked is my second fave musical!


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