Just a Figment of Their Imagination

Just a Figment of Their Imagination

1 chapter / 1070 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Luna was always different from her family and her peers. What happens when the only girl she could connect with moved far away?


Mel fish

over 5 years ago Melanie Gross said:

This was really good. I loved the letter format, it was unique and drew the reader in. Keep up the great work, I really liked this!

Dsc_0143 (3)

over 5 years ago Rachel Elkin said:

Wow! This is amazing and original! Who knew you could develop characters so well through letters! Nicely done. I love how didn't make this a romance yet there was some romance in there. I also love how your two characters have such different lives yet obviously trust each other completely (seeing as they are best friends!). Very nicely done and goodluck in the constest! -Rachel


over 5 years ago meg d. said:

Oooh laaa la! This is such a unique piece, I've never read anything like it on Figment :) The only suggestion I have is to add more emotion....I mean Luna's aprents are beating her and she seems pretty OK with it. If that was me, my letters would be filled with anger and resentment. So, yes I found it hard to connect on the emotional level, but I could just imagine me and my friend writing back and forth to eachother like that :]


over 5 years ago Em Kam said:

This was kind of refreshing. You don't normally get pieces like this will all the honesty and stuff. Nice work.



over 5 years ago M.L. Carista said:

I absolutely love letter formats. It leaves an air of mystery between the writings and you always look forward to the next one. You put quite a bit of emotion into your story and I love that about it. If the reader can't feel the emotions as the character is feeling them, then the story falls a little flat. Amazing job!


over 5 years ago Gabrielle S. said:

Definitely an interesting way of showing the perspectives of both characters, but your story lacks substance. Her parents are kicking her ass up and down the house and she's okay with that? Everything is light and fluffy and then BAM, she's running away after her dad broke her arm. Please look over the letters. The main problem is that there is no character development (or characterization at all, but such is the problem with letter writing). These letters have so much potential. Think about showing rather than telling the story in the letters. It may sound difficult, but you can definitely do it. Best of luck in the competition!