One Last Chord

One Last Chord

1 chapter / 148 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Music, my favorite metaphor. A poem about unknowing betrayal from a smiling source.


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over 5 years ago Jessika Hobbs said:

Maybe it's just because I'm generally a novelist, but, this feels more like the intro to a book than a complete poem. I think if you expanded on this you'd have a great story on your hands.


almost 6 years ago Vivian Asimos said:

Love the musical references, makes it more powerful. The seperation of particular words (Fase/Hope) as seperate lines increases the power and strength of the piece.


almost 6 years ago Jaime Perry said:

WOW! I love this! I can understand the feeling you are writing about! Such a great poem! Actually gave me goosebumps as I read! Again, WOW! Great work! :)


almost 6 years ago Sandra Taylor said:

This is beautiful. I think it's definitely something that musicians could understand or relate to- actually anybody. Wonderful. :)



over 4 years ago George Killian said:

I saw one or two sentence reviews on this poem and it made me sick. So here goes:

As a pianist the poem One Last Chord caught my eye, for obvious reasons. I assumed it was going to be a novel or at least a piece of cigarette fiction, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was poem. Poetry is a minority here on Figment, a pretty flower amongst the hungry young authors only craving hearts for fame. RD gave me a poem that touched my heart.

One cannot critique poetry like they can novels and novellas with good questions and alternative punctuation errors or spelling mistakes. Poetry must be read, absorbed, and then reflected on. RS's poem did that to me.

Relationships are a lot like songs, they come an go like shuffle on our iPods and we like them sometimes and some are eternal for us, never getting old. The only thing that we take away from them is the last chord we hear. Only memories. We warp these memories until we forget what was real. And we imagine the chord in our minds resonating the same amongst all of our own changes.

Thank you for writing this beautiful poem, and please DFTBA!

Asl liebe

almost 6 years ago kaitlin b said:

This is cool. I like the music metaphors.