Who said different is a bad thing?

Who said different is a bad thing?

1 chapter / 1165 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


It's set in England at Elkinsons Charm School for Girls. Blake is extremely different from everyone there, but who said different was a bad thing? This is an entry for the semi-charmed contest. Amazing cover by *Isabella Winter*! Please help me reach my goal of 40 hearts!!! I know it's low, but I've never gotten more then 11 hearts on a story,sooo... yea, 40 hearts!!!


Notebook and pen

over 4 years ago Clara said:

Love love love it. And for a good reason too!


over 5 years ago Emily Drew said:

This is good. Its cute and I love your characters. Great job on the details too. Nice work and good luck in the contest. :)


over 5 years ago Rachel Bennett said:

Cool story idea!!! Nice work :-D


over 5 years ago Arabia "Another Girl" Knight said:

How cute! It was adorable! And you're right. Who said different was a bad thing?



over 5 years ago Leafwing said:

I liked this story. It was cute and sweet.

While I loved your MC and I get that she is different from everyone else at the school, I think there should be more variety in the other girls. She can be different from them in more ways than one, and they can't all be snobby and prim.

Except for a few typos, there weren't any spelling/grammar mistakes that I could see. Good job overall!


over 5 years ago Emily Skrutskie said:

This is really sweet! One thing you need to watch - right now, you're doing dialogue tags like so: "'This.' He said." The proper way to punctuate them when you're continuing the sentence is "'This,' he said." That should be easy to fix, though. Best of luck in the contest!