2 chapters / 2885 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


Lily Lee is about to go on an adventure to find her mother and brother who has been abducted by a mysterious man named "Hunter." On her first day of junior year, she dreams of a hot guy...who later turns up at her school as a new student that all the girls have fallen in love with. Not only that, but he holds a secret and reveals that she is going to train as a spy. The two of them go on an action packed trip to save her mother and brother and only Lily Lee can save them. NOTE FROM AUTHOR: HAPPY READING! It's only in 1st draft form so ITS A FAST READ CUZ I ONLY INCLUDED THE MEAT OF THE STORY. haha well if you like it comment



over 4 years ago Pretty Flower said:

Amazing! I loved your characters. :) Can't wait for more!!!!


over 5 years ago erinny said:

I'd really LOVE to meet Anthony. xD lol i think the magazine cutouts wouldve made the note better. XD i can actually read it without a problem this time LOL. o-o homie.. g? no comment at that. xD and thanks for the advertisement for me xD lol I LOVE YOU TOO BABE~


over 5 years ago MissGlassesGirl said:

anyway this is dedicated to my Homie G erinny. go check out her and her awesome writing http://figment.com/users/169704-erinny



about 5 years ago WongM888 said:

This book seemed intriguing becuase of the suspense that is behind it. Talking about a regular high school life, then kidnapping of someone's loved ones. Finally to cap it all off the new classmate and the main character apparently are your so called "spies." I don't know it seems like a good book to read when you are board or something.Fiction books always seem to please me because you can get lost in their story line and complety shut out the world that surrounds you and inmerse yourself that is clearly fake but makes your happy. So why not? The way this author wrote the first chapter it seemed happy then sad and finally curiosity. So many feelings and emotions going on people just one or two people and this is just in the first couple of chapters. Gotta give this author osme credit in making the opening so intense and thrill seeking if you will. Makes you just wanna read on to see if what Anthony says is true or not.