The Space Shuttle: A White Beauty

The Space Shuttle: A White Beauty

2 chapters / 28 words

Approximately less than 10 seconds to read


Originally a poem for a contest, now just a poem I have written.





over 5 years ago M. Hebert said:

I know very little about space or shuttles, but you did a great job of bringing this to life.


over 5 years ago Tori Beck (formerly Niki M) said:

I'm a HUGE NASA fan. I live in Florida, so some of my favorite memories is running outside to watch a shuttle go up. I seriously cried when Atlantis went up for the last time.

Anyways, you did a great job of capturing that deep rooted excitement that comes from watching a launch. Awesome poem!



over 5 years ago Chance LeVelt said:

I really loved this! Space flight and space in general have always interested me. I think you brought what it is like to be out in space to life and I loved the last stanza because it gave a nice close. You were very specific on a lot of things such as the equipment names and that brought it to life. Very well written.