1 chapter / 555 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Inspired by a song I misinterpreted that turned out to be about Greek mythology.


Drama, Romance, Poetry


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over 6 years ago Adam Stephen Awesome Belcher said:



almost 7 years ago Julia Joules said:

"A ghost is born with gun in one hand" should be 'a gun' Other than that, it was great.


almost 7 years ago Anna Grace said:

This is wow. The word choice and imagery (as everyone else has said...) was incredible. nice job!


almost 7 years ago Blossom T. Knightly said:

This is really great! I love the line about binding your hearts with gold rings. The imagery was phenomenal! Congrats! Bloz



almost 7 years ago Joshua Douglas Jack Miller said:

Moving. Truly Moving. I was entranced the whole time, and Just speechless. Wow. Wow. Poetry still amazes me, even when I thought I've seen the best; I haven't. Great poem. Words escape me. Moving. Truly Moving.


almost 7 years ago Ashley said:

This...is an amazing piece. Superb. One of the best I've ever read. Look at me, talking in fragments! I'm THAT enthralled. The way you spun phrases delighted the hell out of me, kept me on the edge and very much so disappointed yet fufilled somehow when it was over. This portion right here: "Once you show yourself, /cold and exposed to me /drowning out the brainwashing sound, /the diving bells of people in this city, / and broken hearted neon ads, resisting shadow play..." particularly struck me and WILL stick with me for quite some time when I look back on poets I've been lucky enough to stumble onto. I really hope to see you going big places, and I suspect you will, seeing this talent. The seashell/seaglass line was a beautiful example of the amazing imagery you can create...you have a true gift and I wish you all the best in blessing us with more like this. Amazing.