They Call Me Thief

They Call Me Thief

1 chapter / 1194 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


There's a thief roaming the town tonight. She's spunky, she's clever, and she's out on a mission. But what appears to be a simple robbery may actually be something much deeper...

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17 days ago Mystique said:

My mother was raised Catholic and doesn’t quite get my disdain for blind faith, but she is a lovely woman; she supports me in my desire to write for a living, along with almost all the other bad decisions I’ve made. Daniel


19 days ago maitri said:

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5 months ago Veronica Mayrose said:

Hahahahahaha! You had me there for a second! I loved this!


11 months ago Imogen Reynolds said:

I love your style, it's very humorous and cliff hanging, I would love to see more of these