Old Friend

Old Friend

1 chapter / 167 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A reflection on a friend's suicide, using a format inspired by Ellen Hopkins' style of writing poetry.

The images used in this cover are courtesy of SenshiStock on deviantART.


Writing, Memoir, Poetry



about 3 years ago Miscka said:

This is amazingly beautifully written. I am a devoted fan of Ellen Hopkins and this piece certainly rivals some of her work. Good job, my friend. And I am sorry for this experience.


almost 5 years ago Emily Swiers said:

Loved, this is a powerful piece and the cover is wonderful as well. It was just great.


about 5 years ago Just me in my thoughts said:

I thought this was a really powerful piece, nicely written and well put together. I really liked this.


over 5 years ago Emily Drew said:

I liked this. I love how it was written. It was very unique. It had great emotion in it. Nice work! :)


2013-02-18 04.07.09

over 5 years ago Joseph M. Beck said:

This is such a phenomenal piece. It reminded me of a friend of mine that was gunned down by her boyfriend several months ago. I thought I was done crying about her but your poem proved me wrong.

The double narrative running along the side margin, besides being an spectacular literary device, underscores the helplessness that you feel. Forced to being a bystander as someone you care about fights for their life. That if you could have done just a little bit more, maybe your friend would be alive right now.

This is the best poem that I've read on this site.