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Emma, a girl of only eight years of age, is not like most girls her age.



over 5 years ago Emmaline Cavanaugh said:

This story was amazing... It was touching, full of feeling and almost poetic. (Not to mention my name was in it ;))

I am absolutely in love with this story. I hope that as many people read it as possible.

Wow. I'm speechless. Just... this is exactly the sort of story that I love to read. Perfect.


over 5 years ago Scarrlet Raven said:

The redundancy irritated me at first, but then had a sort of rhythm to it. Beautiful and chilling.


over 5 years ago Clare said:

Wow. You have a style like no other. Keep it up.


over 5 years ago Lydia Albano said:

I really like this. It's kind of odd and has a neat, steady rhythm to it that kind of lulls the reader. And it's poetic, somehow. :)



over 5 years ago Emmaline Cavanaugh said:

Oh, and one quick note. I would break this down into even smaller paragraphs, to make it easier on the eye of the reader. Just a suggestion to make a perfect story just a tinge more perfect :)


over 5 years ago ExcuseMyFrench said:

This is really good! But make sure you arent doing too much explanatory or detail! Its a warning for the future! I have such a hard time with that XD