1 chapter / 1197 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


When a dark essence overcomes princess Evangeline at a young age and grants her immortality, she realizes the danger she is to her twin sister, Arabella, and her kingdom of Rosalia. (An entry for the Semi-Charmed Contest.)



over 5 years ago Queen Of Randomness (On Fire) said:

I liked the concept of this and it was well-written. But the all-caps is a bit of a headache to me, and it's about half-in-half for readers. So...I'd suggest just using an exclamation mark.


over 5 years ago Chance LeVelt said:

I liked how you added lots of detail in the story. I think it would be cool if you continued this after the contest too! This seemed really cool and the setting sounds amazing! Good luck in the contest!


Cute marshmellow cup

over 5 years ago Anonymous Writer said:

~Prize review for Exciting Contests' Titles Contest~

This is a very good concept and I loved the plot. Its interesting and dark just the right amount. Your writing is good, too. I love the descriptions. Though I would suggest you start less sentences starting with 'I'. It makes the format of the sentences repetitive. Other than that, great work! Excellent job!

If you are going to continue writing this, please let me know.