Down in a Flame

Down in a Flame

2 chapters / 1365 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


The tragic tale of a young girl's end in fire, based on the horrible fates of so many Jews in the Catholic Spanish inquisition.

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over 4 years ago Michaela Myhrer said:

I love historical fiction... This was so sad. I learned a lot from reading this. Good job and keep writing!!


over 4 years ago zoe said:

I like how you put definitions in there!!!


over 4 years ago Kayla Lynch said:

Throughout this whole time, as I read you work, this is what I'm thinking. "You're only 13 and you wrote THAT!" What. the. heck. You're truly a talent, and this.. what you write is absolutely amazing. You've got a gift. I'm guessing this story is from the Spanish Inquisition? If I'm wrong, oops. :P My bad. But this is absolutely amazing. You have such great description, and you display the scene so perfectly, it's almost as if I were actually there, witnessing her death with my own eyes. What a story. What a talent.


over 4 years ago Vivi Aloha said:

Wow, just wow. I'm speechless. That was amazing. You write beautifully!


Aspiring author

over 4 years ago Destiny Renee said:

Wow. This was an amazingly accurate account of a historical time period that most try to forget about. You always pack such emotion I to your pieces, but so far this one is the most heart wrenching & gut turning story you've done so far... I always thought I was talented but after reading your stories I now know what real talent is! I don't know if you are aware of this, but if you combine a few of your short stories you could get them published professionally; after reading them I think you should try. This story was filled with a raw, passionate emotion of wanting life which is something most people cannot put into word much less make someone else feel it. This story was just... Amazing. It made me want to cry out as she Maria fell into the flames because I could swear I felt them licking at my flesh just as they did hers.


over 4 years ago Tasha said:

This was first of all very saddening to learn about this but also eye opening because I honestly never knew anything of this. I knew about how the Nazi's hated the jews and all that but I never knew that Catholic's had a hatred for Jews too. It is sad to learn the horrors that went on but thankfully today (that I am aware of) no more Jews are burned alive for being a Jew