January 11th

January 11th

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*most likely finished*
January 11th 2010. It's supposed to be the beginning of a great year. But it's not. I wake up to the sounds of an ambulance that had came to try and revive my father.
A short story about the day my dad happened, and what has happened after the horrible event.


Writing, Non-Fiction



over 2 years ago Emily MK said:

Wow. This is really inspiring. I'm sorry about your dad. It's has a lot of good detail, and the voice is very realistic. Good job!


over 2 years ago Megan Rose said:

This was really sad, but inspiring in a way. Is it a true story?


over 2 years ago Skylar Stone said:

I'm really sorry about your dad, you wrote his story beautifully, and I'm glad you're getting over it. Laughter is always the best medicine.


over 2 years ago Jacinda Stewart said:

I'm so sorry about your father. He should be proud of you. This was very well written :)


Mwahaha ninja 2.

over 2 years ago R.C. Mueller said:

It's very good. I can tell there is a lot of emotion behind the words, but I think if you did a little more showing with imagery it would become more evident. You have my condolences and I'm glad that you've gotten over it.


over 2 years ago Madeline Nixon said:

First, when the description of that night made me want to cry. The only thing that stuck out to me was "I crawled out of bed with family" For me this doesn't read right. Great Job.