Secrets: The Winged Prophecy

Secrets: The Winged Prophecy

12 chapters / 29624 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Alright guys, be as harsh as you want and/or can be. I'd like maybe 20 hearts to add the next chapter. Really hope you guys like it!**Cover by Hopelessly Devoted!



over 5 years ago K.L. Wood said:

I really LOVE this story! I love all the characters, especially Blake and Quinn. Just to let you know you've left out quite a few words throughout the story and in ella's dream you have parts that were going through alec's mind. Please write more soon!


over 5 years ago Yvonne said:

Loved it I really hope you write more to it!


over 5 years ago mishty said:

I love your writing, it so exciting, When i read it, I'm eager to know whaat's gonna happen next.


over 5 years ago katana said:

Wow! This is so good. I just love it. Are you planning on continuing it???



over 5 years ago Christie Jackson said:

You didn't specify who was talking when you put quotation marks and I'm confused on what gender this person is. I think it's a girl, but you didn't specify and the name Sam doesn't help either.

No spelling or grammar errors 'check' Explanations: 'uncheck' Word choice: 'check' Interesting: 'CHECK'

You received 75%! Lol

Really great beginning! Do the next chapter! 8D You shouldn't post new chapters just because more people are reading it. Post new chapters because you love to.

Cute secret love

over 5 years ago wishiwasntme said:

It was very interesting, and very well-written. I have already said that you are a great writer. This was a great read and I hope that you choose to persue any dream of writing if you so wish.